Tuesday, 19 January 2010

This is where it begins......

I was out shopping and browsing at the weekend when I stumbled across this: the coolest necklace I've seen so far this year. It's playful and lovely and such a simple idea (so simple in fact that my housemate attempted to make me one). It also happens to embody two of my Favourite Things; gold and bunny.
I had a feeling when I saw it that it wouldn't be coming home with me that day and at £595, i was right. But it's been on my mind quite a lot so i decided to start a blog about all these gorgeous wonderful things that I seem to come across quite often that make me yearn (or make me feel nostalgic or make my jaw drop or my heart race etc).
It also means I can keep a record of all that I covet in one ordered place instead of scraps here there and everywhere, and when I'm rich I can look back and buy it all!
Until this day comes I will point potential suitors in this direction and see what they bring me :-D
Necklace by Katie Hillier £595 Dover Street Market.

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