Tuesday, 6 April 2010

....I would buy the whole Ashish SS10 collection

I'd probably only actually wear about half of it (don't think I've got the swagger required to pull off baggy sequin flamingo trousers and I definitely don't have the body required to pull off the cut out skin tight dress), but just to have the whole collection all hanging there, those sequins catching the sunlight (of course I'd be holidaying somewhere sunny) would make me smile every day :)

This seems to be the main press piece that's been cropping up everywhere

which is nice enough, but NOTHING compared to these

and it just gets better and better with these

And then there's my favourite....

Want this piece baaad. Craving ice cream now as well.


Oh my God. I wonder what the blue one is.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

A year or so ago I decided i wanted to get my ear pierced a couple more times but for one reason or another I didn't get around to it, until today when i booked an appointment at Metal Morphosis for this weekend (nice and close to my house so if i'm in pain and want to hide away then there's not far to go home).

The idea vaguely came back to me when I saw this picture of Alice Dellal on the Dominic Jones website a while back.

Her ear looks so damn cool! And it'll work nicely with my soon-to-be dark hair and pale skin which I've decided this summer I will embrace rather than be embarrassed by!

And after the pain comes the fun; finding new jewellery to adorn my ear.

Dominic Jones is a good place to start....I love these the most-est!

But alas, not only am i not a rich girl, I'm a poor girl right now so at £160 they're just a stretch too far. I wonder if Matches would sell me one on its own for £80.......

While perusing the Browns website I happened across this little beauty, the Dead Slash by Nuit No12

Which I actually find quite scary but maybe that's what I like about it...goth credentials. I'd be sure to stab myself in the neck with it but then cuts and scars is looking set to be all the rage this summer, a nice antidote to all that pastel chiffon for Spring which was all I could seem to find in Topshop a few weeks ago.
At £80 it's beginning to fall into my budget.

As I'm beginning to move away from the theme of this blog by talking about budgets and being poor, let me go one step further and take you HERE where there are so many earrings I don't know where to begin but I think I've narrowed it down to this Dogeared skull stud which is rather cute and dainty (and only £25!!!!!!!!!!)

and this Asos own brand spike earring.....

....which is only £5 FOR A PAIR! I wish they had them in gold (I mean brass, copper, whateva!) as well.

And there's so many more, too many to keep posting images, but the highlights for me are the zips by Kitson for £15 and the kiss/hug pair by Juicy Couture for £51. (Scarily enough I like nearly all the Juicy Couture earrings. Byebye goth credentials.)

Even though I'm only supposed to be looking at studs today, I couldn't help being distracted by these hoops by Kitson (£20)

you can take the girl out of maidstone..........hahaha.

But back to business with the ultimate trashy jewellery site (and one of my favourite sites ever)
with just about any design you could ever imagine worked into earrings, from razor blades with bows to articulated rhinestone monkeys to cigarettes to pink shotguns to gold knifes and forks to unicorns..........the list is endless. And all for about $5 each. I said it was ultimate trash but I don't care, I'll take one of everything Darlings. Mwah.

My ear is gonna look amazing!!!