Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Middle Class Problems

A couple of years ago I was flicking through one of the Sunday newspaper magazine supplements when I came across the problem pages and read something along the lines of "While cooking the Christmas dinner, I splashed goose fat onto my new cashmere sweater. What can I do to remove the stain?" which sparked an hilarious on going joke between me and my sis about 'Middle Class Problems' ie 'ohno I just spilt risotto on my laptop' [Joe] or 'it was awful...i was so hungover and hungry and Waitrose had sold out of sea-bass' [D], I could go on and on and I'm sure I'll keep coming back and adding more but you get the idea.

Anyway, I'm currently facing a Middle Class Problem of my very own and I'm spending much too much of my time thinking about it so I thought writing it down might make me reach a decision about it or at least free up my mind to think about more important things.

So there's a new(ish) fragrance out by Cartier called Le Treizieme Heure (say it in your sexiest French accent) which sounds amazing. Beautiful bottles too.

I read about it a month or two ago in Wonderland which describes it as offering 'a sensation of transformation with vanilla, birch and leather notes to dissolve into the night.'
This intrigued me as I love any dark, leathery, smoky, seductive, unusual scents; the ones that in order to smell you have to literally press your nose against your skin (or someone elses ooh-la-la) and breathe in.
So I've been researching it further on the Cartier website (not much info there) and my new favourite website www.basenotes.net and lots of other cosmetics websites for info and descriptions and reviews and the more I read about it the more I want it desperately. Desperately.

My dilemma is this...it's $250 (plus p&p plus finding someone in US to get it for me since it only seems to be available in Saks 5th Avenue) for 75ml which is sort of quite a bit of money for a fragrance, especially one that I haven't even tested with my own nose. But while expensive and unnecessary it's also actually affordable which puts me in that tedious position of having to balance my material desires with my common sense/conscience/catholic guilt........you see, Middle Class Problems!!!!

I tested the waters with my nan at the weekend...she shops in Waitrose but other than that is pretty thrifty! She was talking about how she loves the smell of Chanel No5 because she wore it on her honeymoon, and if there was ever a time when she would understand and condone my frivolity of lusting after a perfume this would have been it, but at the mention of it she quickly snapped back to reality and brought up how that money could better help the Poor and the Homeless. Yeah she's from a different and much more frugal generation blahblah but the fact I'm even hesitating from calling my NY friend must mean I've inherited a bit of that sense or whatever it is.
Then again, it's not like if I don't buy it I'm gonna give that $250 to the poor so maybe we should leave them out of it! Furthermore, caring about the poor isn't really in keeping with the spirit of this blog (I'm going to hell). uhhhhh.

Someone needs to just buy this for me and put me out of my middle class misery.

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